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It’s Time for Your COMEBACK! (& I’ve got a FREE program for you!)

Gyms all around the globe have been closed for months, forcing many people to either take a complete break from training or train in a very limited capacity.

Fortunately, muscle memory will help you get any lost gains back fast, as long as you set up your training in a reasonable way. In fact, if you lost muscle, you’re most likely primed to build muscle and lose fat at the same time better than you’ve ever been before.

This FREE 2-4 week program is designed to build a “bridge” from a period of detraining to normal, progressive resistance training again.

If you’re ready to get back on track in the gym, and beat even the pre-lockdown version of yourself, my new Bridge Program will get you there!

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Also, we can’t undermine the importance of good nutrition for making a successful return. The principles in my 15 chapter Ultimate Guide to Body Recomposition combined with the 2-4 week Comeback Program together will get back to your peak as efficiently as possible.

Let’s get after it!! And good luck!