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High Frequency Full Body Program

This is the perfect training program for intermediate to advanced lifters looking for something NEW to spark amazing results.

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Volume (the number of tough working sets per week) has been described as having a dose-response relationship with hypertrophy in the scientific literature. This means that more volume causes more growth (up to a point). If a higher training frequency allows you to perform more weekly volume, that should lead to more muscle growth (again, up to a point). After all, if you only hit your shoulders once a week, you have to cram ALL your weekly volume into a single workout. This program starts with 22 sets of shoulder work per week. Imagine trying to cram all that volume into one (or even two) workouts per week!

Not only will full body training usually mean more weekly volume, it also means higher quality volume. The main reason for this is that with full body training, you will only perform one or two exercises for each muscle in each workout. This means you’ll feel fresher and stronger every time you hit a muscle. Let’s take the quads for example. On a “bro split” you might have to do squats, leg press, and lunges before getting around to leg extensions. Now tell me: how much effort are you really going to be putting into those extensions after all that leg volume? Probably not much, even if you’re a machine. Now, what if ALL you had to do for quads on a full body day was leg extensions? That’s it. Don’t you think you’d be able to put much more energy into those sets?

In a single workout, there will come a point where doing more sets doesn’t do anything extra for muscle growth (and could possibly be disadvantageous). It isn’t clear where that upper ceiling is for everyone (and it’s individual), but some rodent research suggests that it could be somewhere around 5 sets per muscle per workout [22]. Another independent meta-analysis from James Krieger suggests that the limit “appears to be around 10 sets in a single session”. This means that once you start exceeding 5-10 sets in a single workout for any muscle, you’d be better off splitting that additional volume out into another workout. Since on this program, we’re usually only hitting three to five sets for a given muscle in a single session, there is zero risk of having any of your sets be “wasted”.

I like to think of lifting as a skill. Like any skill, the more you practice it, the better you get at it. This is especially true if you’re “practicing smart.” On this full body program, you will be hitting each muscle group frequently, which will allow you to hone in on the mind-muscle connection and lifting form on a daily basis. This will make you a more effective lifter, leading to better returns on your time investment in the gym.



  • Exact sets (warm up & working), reps, exercises, rest times and RPE targets
    Tracking sheet within the program
  • AMRAP testing protocol at the end to test your progress
  • Deload week to help manage recovery
  • LSRPE tracking for accountability (how hard was your LAST set?)
  • Coaching notes from me: technique and mind-muscle connection cues for every exercise
  • In case there are any exercises you’re not sure how to perform, I’ve included demo videos for every exercise
  • There are also technique cues from me within the program itself so you’ll know exactly how to tweak the form for best results during training

The program details the number of sets for every muscle in each week of the program. If you find the volume to be too high or too low for your specific abilities or goals, knowing the exact volume numbers you’re working with each week is important. Most programs just give you sets and reps and tell you to do it. This program gives you extra information to make it easier to adjust the program to your individual needs, if needed.

This program is NOT just an eBook. In addition to everything above, you also get a full excel sheet that auto-populates the exact weights you need to use for each of the main lifts, including boxes for tracking weights on every exercise.

  • Program Explained: the science behind the program (39 scientific references)
  • Anatomy and biomechanics section
  • A complete FAQ’s section
  • Training support & customer service



No. If you are still in your first year or two of training, I’d recommend running my Fundamentals Program first. After that, I’d suggest running at least one of my Push Pull Legs or Upper/Lower Program before moving onto this routine. This program is designed for intermediate-advanced trainees who have seen a stall past the newbie phase.

Yes! Anyone who is looking to build muscular size and strength will benefit from this program. This program will build all the muscles of the entire body proportionally. If you’re looking for a little more focus on lower body or glutes, you can check out my Women’s Specialization Program or Glute Hypertrophy Program.

Because of the Exercise Substitutions section, it is doable. For example, if you can’t bench press, you can replace the bench work in this program with dumbbell press, machine chest press or dips and run the rest of the program as is. If you can’t deadlift, you can replace the deadlift work with hip thrusts and/or lower back extensions. If you can’t squat, you can replace the squat work with front squats, hack squats or leg press.  If you buy the program and aren’t sure if you can tweak it to fit your needs, feel free to reach out to my coaching support team and we will help you adjust the program or offer a refund if it ends up being unsuitable for you.

There are two different versions of the program. A 4x per week option and a 5x per week option. Simply choose the version that best suits your schedule and let the gains take care of themselves.

To run the program exactly as written (without any substitutions), you would need gym access as there are a few cable and basic machine exercises included. However, because there are exercise substitutions included for every exercise, you can run this program with basic lifting equipment and easily swap exercises and tailor it to your situation. I personally ran the second half of this program in a garage gym with just a power rack, barbell, dumbbells and a few bands.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to my coaching support team at any time.

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Full body program

Great and very easy to understand

Whole new experience in the gym

As a lazy trainer in the gym for more than 2 years, this was the first time I followed a solid training program. This program really allows me to track my progress and also gets better motivation each week. I can’t wait to see my change when I finish the whole program!

Nicholas Zetterholm
Love it

It’s great

mehdi moghadas

High Frequency Full Body Program

Lewis Chill
New with Jeff

Excellent program. He has me working different muscle groups, I wouldn’t otherwise have bothered with or know how to incorporate them in my pedestrian training. The work-outs are extremley time friendly as you are not in the gym for hours on end. Most importantly, Jeffs programs will not break your bank. There is literally a work out for anyone, he will tailor make it for you. There are no excuses, you just need to bring time and consistency.
Thanks Jeff