Powerbuilding Phase 3.0


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EXPERIENCE: Intermediate to Advanced
GOAL: Mix of Strength and Muscle Gain




Training Split



Everything! It’s a whole new program!

Powerbuilding Phase 3.0 is a brand new program that builds on many of the foundations laid down in Phase 1 and 2. Even though you don’t NEED to run Phases 1 and 2 before running Phase 3, I do recommend it. Phase 3.0 heavily emphasizes the “power” side of the powerbuilding approach, being specifically structured to have you reaching your peak strength at the end of the 10 week program.


This time, every week is a “strength week” with a consistent full body training split used throughout the plan!

In Phases 1 and 2, even and odd weeks distinctly alternated between a hypertrophy and strength focus. However, because this program’s primary objective is maximizing strength, a constant split allows for more consistent strength progression and specificity through regular practice and repetition. This also means that both the 5x and 4x versions of this program use full body splits.


A heavy focus on maximizing strength

Phase 1 built a base of strength, size and technique. Phase 2 accumulated training volume, developed hypertrophy and built tremendous work capacity. Phase 3 will transmute (convert) the adaptations developed in Phase 2 into maximum strength. You will be performing the squat and bench press (or a variation) 3x per week, with a heavy deadlift programmed 1x per week at a high exertion. Because deadlifts are such a taxing exercise, this program uses extra squat work to assist with deadlift progression


New exercises and progressions!

To add variety and address sticking points, new variations of the squat and bench press are used, such as the Anderson Squat and Barbell Pin Bench Press. Along with new progression schemes for the main lifts, there is also a dedicated taper week prior to max testing to ensure that you’re at your peak performance when it matters most.

What is included in my Powerbuilding 3.0 Program

A detailed description of exactly how to prepare for the program: Max testing? Training gear? What to do with your diet? Leave nothing up to chance.

Over 80 pages explaining EVERYTHING you need to know to master your technique on the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Bust through sticking points and fix the most common errors.

You’ve never seen a program like this! With a consistent full body training split throughout, it uses high effort top sets to drive maximum strength, and a unique combination of RPE and %1RM based programming to ensure proper recovery. At the end of the program, you will test maxes to see all the gains you’ve made.

This program is NOT just an eBook. In addition to everything above, you also get a full excel sheet that auto-populates the exact weights you need to use for each of the main lifts, including boxes for tracking weights on every exercise.

  • Over 30 video demos by Jeff, illustrating every exercise
  • Volume analytics for each and every body part
  • Exact warmups, sets, reps, rest periods, and RPE
  • Exercise substitutions for individualization
  • Science explained: why the program works (+ references)

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Giannis Evagorou

Powerbuilding Phase 3.0

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Powerbuilding Phase 3.0

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Powerbuilding Phase 3.0

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Powerbuilding Phase 3.0

Omar Alshehab

Cool ,awesome and life changing


I designed this program so it can be run with minimal equipment. Because of the exercise substitutions included, you can easily run it with very basic equipment. There are a few cable and machine exercises included as well, but in the event you don’t have access, there are always substitutions provided.


Do I need to run powerbuilding system (phase 1 and 2) first?

You don’t NEED to run Powerbuilding Phase 1 or Powerbuilding Phase 2 first, but I do recommend it. Phase 3 is designed to build on the adaptations and progressions developed in Phase 1 and 2, so you may find it to be too challenging if you jump into Phase 3 right away.

I finished phase 2 several months ago. Do I need to run it again before starting phase 3?

If you found Phase 2 to be very challenging the last time you ran it, and have been inconsistent with your training since completing it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to run back through at least the first 6 weeks of Phase 2 again before starting Phase 3. On the other hand, if you found you were recovering properly on Phase 2 and have been reasonably diligent with your training in the meantime, you have the green light to jump in with Phase 3 right away. Phase 3 starts with a relatively light intro week anyway, so you will be easing into the program regardless.

Is this program suitable for beginners?

No. If you are still in your first year or two of training, I'd recommend running my Fundamentals Program first. After that, I'd suggest running at least one of my Push Pull Legs or Upper/Lower program before moving onto my Powerbuilding routines. This program is designed for intermediate-advanced trainees who have seen a stall past the newbie phase in either strength or size

I can’t squat, bench press or deadlift. Can I still run the program?

If you’re able to do two of the three lifts, it is possible for you to tweak the program to fit your needs. For example, if you can squat and deadlift but can’t bench press, you could replace the bench work in this program with dips, dumbbell press, smith-machine press or machine chest press and run the rest of the program as is. If you can squat and bench press but can’t deadlift, you could replace the deadlift work with hip thrusts and/or lower back extensions. If you can bench press and deadlift but can’t squat, you could replace the squat work with front squats, hack squats or leg press.


However, because one of the main objectives of this program is to increase strength on the Big Three lifts, if you’re unable to perform any of those lifts, this is not the best program for you at this time. I suggest you consider running one of my other programs instead.


Feel free to try my free program selector to find which program is best for you.

How many days a week will I be in the gym?

There are two different versions of the program. A four times per week option and a five times per week option. Simply choose the version that best suits your schedule and let the gains take care of themselves.

Do I need access to a gym? Can I run the program with a home gym?

You only need a power rack, barbell, bench and (ideally) some dumbbells to run this program. Because there are exercise substitutions included for every exercise, you can run this program with basic lifting equipment and can tailor it to fit your situation. To run the program exactly as written (without any substitutions) however, you would need gym access as there are a few cable and machine exercises included as well.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to my coaching support team at any time.