Women's Specialization Program

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Jeff Nippard and Stephanie Buttermore’s Women’s Specialization Program is designed for women who wish to maximize their overall muscular development and shape. This program focuses on developing the glutes, shoulders, abs, and back for an aesthetic, balanced physique while concurrently increasing overall strength. In the 80+ page women’s specialization program, you will get:

  • 8-week glute-focused hypertrophy program
  • 6 days/week split (4 lower days, 2 upper days)
  • Private video links for every exercise performed by Stephanie Buttermore and Jeff Nippard
  • Coaching cues for each exercise
  • Includes alternative exercises for every exercise
  • Full explanations of fundamental training principles (36 scientific references)
  • Functional anatomy and images for every muscle trained

Customer Reviews

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Clinton De Abreu
Women’s Specialisation Program

Purchased this program for my partner, her feedback was that she didn’t see it as an advanced program, but rather an intermediate deload program. Thanks, C

Great Program

I’m on week 4 and I am definitely seeing a difference in my body. I’m almost 40 and have lifted weights before but not with a lot of direction. I also tend to get bored easily with workouts but there is enough variation each day that I enjoy it With the warm up it takes me about an hour to complete. Will likely purchase another program when I am done with this one. It’s been great for getting back into weight lifting.

Daniela Montoya
It’s ok

I think the program it’s good. However , I don’t think it represents the answers in the quiz I took. And I would have not chosen it if I had known the basic format. Just because it doesn’t really align with my goals.

Mathia Santos

Women's Specialization Program

Laura Tufino
A good program but it could use some twitches

I have previously purchase 2 programs from Jeff (Powerbuilding and The Ultimate Guide for Body Recomposition) I was expecting the workout sheet for this one. It’s easier to have an excel to track progress than have to do a print out of the pdf for the Women’s program, so not so much user friendly there. The program says for intermediate to advance but it feels more beginner friendly which isn’t bad at all. I’m in week 2 currently and I still have faith on this program so I hope to see the results I’m looking for by the end of it. The program seems to be lacking some exercises for the chest area, maybe some additional barbell bench can be added to it? Other than that, thank you for all the work you put into these programs I still enjoy them.


With this program, you will elevate your current training to an advanced, structured level supported by the most up-to-date scientific literature. This program will also teach you the scientific principles behind why certain exercises are better than others, what rep ranges, and progression schemes to use for optimizing muscular development.

With this women’s specialization program you will not only develop a balanced and strong physique but acquire a fundamental understanding of the anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise science behind the exercises and programming with 36 scientific references.


Train with purpose, make gains, and make PR’s! This program includes specific guidelines for exercises, rest periods, progression, sets, reps, and more. The program comes with a log for tracking your progress, a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section answering the most common questions I have received from clients when running similar protocols, and detailed functional anatomy descriptions for every muscle being trained.

Video links performed by Stephanie Buttermore and Jeff Nippard demonstrating proper technique, cues for each exercise, as well as exercise substitution options provided for all exercises in the program, meaning you won’t have to do any guessing on your own. In case anything still isn’t clear, you will have customer support available over email to help with any questions or concerns.

Women's Specialization Program