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Fundamentals Hypertrophy Program

Jeff Nippard’s Fundamentals Program is perfect for beginner to intermediate lifters looking to build muscle while gaining strength.

Beginner - Intermediate
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What’s Included

  • Monday: full body #1
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: full body #2
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: full body #3
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: upper body #1
  • Tuesday: lower body #1
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: upper body #2
  • Friday: lower body #2
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: chest and triceps
  • Tuesday: legs and abs
  • Wednesday: back and biceps
  • Thursday: rest
  • Friday: legs and abs
  • Saturday: shoulders and arms
  • Sunday: rest

Each routine is 8 weeks long and you have the option to start with whatever program fits your schedule best. After you finish the first of the three programs, you are instructed on how to advance to the others included. Each routine is designed to use a simple, linear progression: the most effective and efficient way for beginner-intermediate lifters to progress with BOTH muscle and strength gains.

What’s Included

You Will Also Get

Program Explained: the science behind the program (26 scientific references)

This section of the program explains exactly what is wrong with most popular training programs and why the fundamentals method is more effective. It also explains the program’s details like volume, intensity and frequency in simple, science-based terms.

In case there are any exercises you’re not sure how to perform, I’ve included demo videos for every exercise.

There are also technique cues from me within the program itself so you’ll know exactly how to tweak the form for best results during training.

  • Exact sets (warm up & working), reps, exercises and rest times
  • A complete warm up routine
  • Tracking sheet within the program
  • LSRPE tracking for accountability (how hard was your LAST set?)
  • Coaching notes from me: technique and mind-muscle connection cues for every exercise

This program is NOT just an eBook. In addition to everything above, you also get a full excel sheet that includes boxes for tracking weights on every exercise

  • Anatomy and biomechanics section
  • A complete FAQ’s section
  • Training support & customer service



Yes! If you are still in your first year or two of training, this program was made for you.

Yes! Anyone who is looking to build muscular size and strength will benefit from this program. This program will build all the muscles of the entire body proportionally. If you’re looking for a little more focus on lower body or glutes, you can check out my Women’s Specialization Program or Glute Hypertrophy Program.

Because of the Exercise Substitutions section, it is doable. For example, if you can’t bench press, you can replace the bench work in this program with dumbbell press, machine chest press or dips and run the rest of the program as is. If you can’t deadlift, you can replace the deadlift work with hip thrusts and/or lower back extensions. If you can’t squat, you can replace the squat work with front squats, hack squats or leg press. If you buy the program and aren’t sure if you can tweak it to fit your needs, feel free to reach out to my coaching support team and we will help you adjust the program or offer a refund if it ends up being unsuitable for you. However, because one of the main objectives of this program is to increase strength on the Big Three lifts, if you’re unable to perform any of those lifts, this is not the best program for you at this time. I suggest you consider running one of my other programs instead. Feel free to try my free program selector to find which program is best for you.

There are three separate 8-week splits included. The Full Body Split will have you in the gym 3 days per week, the Upper/Lower Split will have you in the gym 4 days per week and the Bodypart Split will have you in the gym 5 days per week. All three splits use similar exercises and volumes, so you can run whatever split best suits your schedule. You also have the option to run all three splits one after another.

You only need a power rack, barbell, bench and (ideally) some dumbbells to run this program. Because there are exercise substitutions included for every exercise, you can run this program with basic lifting equipment and can tailor it to fit your situation. To run the program exactly as written (without any substitutions) however, you would need gym access as there are a few cable and machine exercises included as well.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to my coaching support team at any time.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to my coaching support team at any time.

Customer Reviews

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Colt Wiebold
Great workout

I love the recommended workouts. Easy to do, has different sections that fits your needs. Very detailed and overall a great program. The only thing that I would prefer is if there was links inside the PDF to go to a quick video or snippet of that particular exercise.

Chris V


Chayanon Sangkhamfan

Fundamentals Hypertrophy Program

Nico Lechleitner

Fundamentals Hypertrophy Program

Leo Kane
Love it.

This has gotten my wife and I back into going to the gym and is a good balance for getting back into it!