Chest Hypertrophy Program

8-week training manual with a focus on chest hypertrophy and bench press strength development. Available as electronic copy only. Scroll down to learn more.

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Jeff Nippard’s Chest Hypertrophy Program is designed with the specific purpose of maximizing chest development, improving shape and increasing strength. With this 8-week program, you will not only increase your pec musculature, but learn the scientific principles behind why certain exercises are better than others, what rep ranges and progression schemes to use for optimal development, and how EMG research can inform us on how to do specific movements to maximize growth. You’ll also acquire a foundational understanding of chest anatomy and biomechanics with 14 scientific references.


Specific guidelines for exercise order, rest periods, progression (using a combination of undulating, linear, auto-regulated, and other novel progression schemes), sets, reps, and more are provided. The program comes with a log for tracking your progress including total daily and weekly volume and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, answering the most common questions I received from clients when running similar protocols. Sample splits and a description of how to incorporate the chest routine into your preferred training split are outlined.


The program includes 9 exclusive instructional videos of Jeff explaining in detail, in the gym, how to do each movement, and demonstrating proper technique, including a full-length tutorial of proper bench press set up and execution. These videos will never be made accessible publicly and will remain available only to owners of the program.

Chest Hypertrophy Program