Bench Press Specialization Program

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The Bench Press Specialization Program is designed for trainees who want to take their bench press to the next level. The training manual provides detailed instructions on how to execute the bench press with expert-level techniques. The 8-week Full Body Bench Press-Focused Program is split up into 2 distinct training blocks each with a specific focus. Block 1 focuses on skill development and volume accumulation while block 2 focuses on strength peaking, leading into a new 1 rep max test in week 8.

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Donald Piper
Easy to follow

A very effective and easy to follow program . Highly recommend. I’m looking forward to starting another program.

Christopher Spear
Increased bench by 20lbs

The program was excellent! I'm 165lbs and I increased my 1rm from 195lbs-215lbs in about 10 weeks. The program was designed to be completed in 8 weeks, but I decided that hitting upperbody 3 times in 7 days was a little much. So I spaced out the upperbody days in order to have 72 hours between sessions. So for example, I did Upperbody Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday etc. At least until it dropped down to 2 upperbody days in week 5. Then I could hit upper on Monday and Thursday consistently.
I love the thorough explanation of the program in the pdf. I love the implementation of percentages and RPE to gage effort. I suppose I didn't stick to the recommended RPE everytime. I tend to go closer to a 9 on a lot of sets. So that being said, I could have probably done 3 upperbody days per week if I had shown more restraint with my RPEs.
Overall, I was very happy with the structure of the program and I got great results.

Josh Elkins
Incredible program!!!

I’ve seen more muscle and strength gain from this program than any other program! Would 100% recommend!

Bench progress

Hey Jeff. Usually I skip the whole review section but when a product has garnered me such positive results, I definitely want people to know. I had a max bench of about 365 lbs. just finished my 5 th week and was able to bench 335 lbs for 7 repetitions (with probably 1 -2 reps left in the tank). 335 used to be a max double or triple just 6 weeks ago. Naturally always been strong and easily got up to 340-350 lbs. but since then, it’s been years I made progress because I had no specific program. Hoping to bench my first 405 in 3-4 weeks. Cheers!

Alexander Coleman
Bench - Getting comfortable with heavy weight

My original max is 365 and I'm trying to get to 400 one day. It's alot at first but I'm getting used to heavy weights during the week. I'm only 4 weeks in but I was surprised that I was able to get 310 for 4 sets of 6


The program includes two separate 4-week blocks: a 5x per week (3x per week benching) conjugate-style volume accumulation phase, which emphasizes the importance of technical mastery and skill development, and a 4x per week (2x per week benching) peaking phase which will emphasize progressive overload leading into a new 1 rep max strength test in week 8.

Jeff Nippard’s Bench Press Specialization Program is designed for trainees who want to push their bench press strength to the limit. The training manual provides in-depth, heavily research based (with 30 scientific references included) descriptions of the program, including coaching cues developed over 13 years of training experience for every exercise.


Put to use the precise details that separate a good bencher from a great bencher. This program dedicates 2 highly resourced chapters to perfecting your set-up and execution of the bench press with perfect form.

It also compiles 7 of the most common errors people make when bench pressing and explains exactly how to correct them.

Video links hand selected by Jeff have been included to demonstrate proper form for every exercise in the program.

Bench Press Specialization Program