Bench Press Specialization Program

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EXPERIENCE: Intermediate to Advanced
GOAL: Strength Gain

The Bench Press Specialization Program is designed for trainees who want to take their bench press to the next level. The training manual provides detailed instructions on how to execute the bench press with expert-level techniques. The 8-week Full Body Bench Press-Focused Program is split up into 2 distinct training blocks each with a specific focus. Block 1 focuses on skill development and volume accumulation while block 2 focuses on strength peaking, leading into a new 1 rep max test in week 8.

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Marco Tecchio
Strenght level up

give it a try if you are struggling with your upper body in general strenght and hypertrophy went up

3 weeks of the program completed. Good stuff.

Bought this program after watching several of the many highly educational and entertaining videos Jeff puts out. My bench press was definitely lacking and my chest is the most underdeveloped part of my musculature. Loving the workouts right now and I am currently running the forearm hypertrophy program as an addition. Both my chest and forearms have increased in size a noticeable amount and my bench is feeling stronger - I am looking forward to testing my new 1 RM at the end as I can already tell it has gone up.

Something to note is that the workouts usually take me about 1.5-2hrs to complete. Now that is also because I am focussing on dialling in my technique and will watch Jeff’s videos before starting some exercises. Something I really like about the PDF you get is that is it more in depth than other programs I have previously purchased. One example is that there are links to exercise videos right in the PDF so you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

All in all I would recommend this program for someone who wants to get those bench numbers up. Thanks for putting this together Jeff.


A good technique wake up call

I started with a 1RM of 105 which after the technique changes became 110kg on day 1. 8 weeks of programming later I am at 115kg so I have seen progress. Just disappointed I haven't seen more.

Brandon Wideman

Bench Press Specialization Program

Donald Piper
Easy to follow

A very effective and easy to follow program . Highly recommend. I’m looking forward to starting another program.


The program includes two separate 4-week blocks: a 5x per week (3x per week benching) conjugate-style volume accumulation phase, which emphasizes the importance of technical mastery and skill development, and a 4x per week (2x per week benching) peaking phase which will emphasize progressive overload leading into a new 1 rep max strength test in week 8.

Jeff Nippard’s Bench Press Specialization Program is designed for trainees who want to push their bench press strength to the limit. The training manual provides in-depth, heavily research based (with 30 scientific references included) descriptions of the program, including coaching cues developed over 13 years of training experience for every exercise.


Put to use the precise details that separate a good bencher from a great bencher. This program dedicates 2 highly resourced chapters to perfecting your set-up and execution of the bench press with perfect form.

It also compiles 7 of the most common errors people make when bench pressing and explains exactly how to correct them.

Video links hand selected by Jeff have been included to demonstrate proper form for every exercise in the program.

Bench Press Specialization Program