Back Hypertrophy Program



A 9 week program dedicated to developing and strengthening the back musculature. Available as electronic copy only. Scroll down to learn more.


Back Hypertrophy Program

Maximize lat, trap, lower back and overall rear development

  • Improve v-taper, shape and size

  • Give the illusion of a smaller waist

  • Teach the scientific principles behind WHY certain exercises are better,

  • Specific rep ranges and progression schemes to use

  • Teach how to do specific movements for optimal activation

With this 9-week program, you will not only increase back size, but acquire a foundational understanding of the anatomybiomechanics and exercise science behind the exercises with 18 scientific references.

Way more than just "a Program"

Specific guidelines for:

  • tempo

  • exercise order

  • rest periods


  • progression schemes

  • sets, reps & more

The program comes with:

  • video links for technique on EVERY exercise

  • log for tracking your progress including total daily and weekly volume

  • frequently asked questions (faq) section

  • sample splits, and how to incorporate this routine into your preferred training split

  • applications of referenced scientific research

Detailed explanations of exercise selection

In addition to video links that cover proper form, an in-depth explanation of EVERY exercise in the program is given, including not only tweaks and cues to optimize the effectiveness of the movement, but rationale for why the exercise is in the program, and how it fits in with everything.

Back Hypertrophy Program

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