Partial vs Full Range Of Motion: What Is Actually Better For Muscle Growth?

Key Points:    Although using a partial range of motion allows you to add more weight to the bar, this often results in a decrease in training volume, since you are decreasing the distance the bar travels (see Volume definition below). Using a partial range of motion can keep constant tension on the muscle, if […]

How To Approach Your Nutrition After A Training Break

Doesn’t it feel great to be back lifting at the gym again? For most of you, the transition phase of getting back to your pre-quarantine fitness routine is in full swing. In my last blog, I explained how to set up your training after a layoff. Now I want to help you with the nutrition component of  “bouncing back.” […]

How To Get Your Gains Back After A Training Break

Key Points: After you stop lifting, research shows that strength can be detrained for up to three weeks before noticeable decreases begin to occur. As a general rule of thumb, it will take about half as much time as you took off to fully regain your strength (e.g. it should take about one month to regain […]

How Fast Do You Lose Muscle When You Stop Working Out? (& How To Avoid It)

What happens to your body when you stop lifting weights? This is a common question a lot of folks are asking right now as the global pandemic has most people training in some limited capacity. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Key Points: Research shows that we tend to lose muscle very quickly with complete bed rest – mostly due to suppressed muscle […]